EPSS Presentations and Notes

Here are a few EPSS presentations and explanations of concepts that we’ve used at the PTC over the past year. The links below connect with PPT presentation slides or posts.

  1. The first is a quick visualization of the value proposition [PPT] of EPSS to the organization.
  2. The second is a more extensive presentation of the fit of EPSS into our solution ecosystem and some examples of solutions and frameworks [PPT] we’ve used. This is the presentation we used at a recent ADL Workshop.
  3. The third is an explanation of one of the estimation models we use to resource score [PPT] (break down the arbitrary nature of estimation) at the task level. There are other task profiles we can use to prioritize and define task natures and tools to help organize and prioritize structures. We use the output recommendations and data provided by the Harless ABCD process for the foundation of this filter. This presentation provides an overview [PDF] of some of the challenges with a similar product line.
  4. The fourth is a basic breakdown of our filter model [PPT] for category, intervention and media selection. I’ve detailed this concept a bit in this post. The scaffolding for this filter is described in ADL SOP (USCG Training System SOP 7). An appendix in the SOP goes into some of the USCG process for EPSS development.

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